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Parent Conferences Are Available In Collaboration With Local Education Associations

Lakehurst, New Jersey – Great news for NJEA local affiliates: NJEA will fund requests to conduct the Parent Education Conference at local/neighborhood schools! The Parent Education Conference project provides the opportunity to present a full fledge conference at local schools.

The conference package includes the keynote presenters, dynamic and informative workshops, and incentive prizes for parents, breakfast and lunch. The conferences may be presented on Saturdays, or as an early evening program. Language options include bilingual mode, or an all-Spanish presentation.

EA leadership may request approval by contacting Michael Rollins (, the FAST/PRIDE Statewide Coordinator. The NJEA funds the conferences directly. The conferences are run under a separate budget and will NOT affect the local EA’s FAST/PRIDE budget.

Once approved, personnel from the Latino Institute will meet with the local EA leadership, the PRIDE/FAST chair, and those volunteer members who would like to assist in making the event a success. Committee members decide the location, date of the conference, which workshops are more appropriate for presentation, and organize the parent outreach effort.

“We are very grateful to the NJEA leadership for offering this unique opportunity for the Latino Institute to collaborate with the leadership of the local affiliates in expanding the conference to reach thousands of parents in New Jersey. This is a superb initiative to empower parents to become committed partners in the education of their children”, said Bill Colón, president and CEO of the Latino Institute.

For additional information on this opportunity, please contact Mr. Colón at 201-401-0291 or at

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