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Institute Renews Cuba Educational Tours

The Latino Institute, Inc. is renewing its educational tours visiting Cuba during 2015.


The Institute is an experienced provider of educational tours for high school and college students, as well as the general public, having visited Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica on numerous occasions.


The educational tours to Cuba commenced in early 2012 and continued, under a U.S. Treasury Department people-to-people Specific License, until the summer of 2014. This specific license was to be renewed this year. However on December 17, 2014 President Obama announced a significant shift on travel restrictions to Cuba, making it possible for the Institute to renew its educational tours under a new “general” license, which will allow us to offer our tours with a specific educational and culturally enriched program and itinerary.


One new feature of the new federal regulations is to allow the Institute to offer and organize tours for secondary school students, which were not permitted under the old rules. High School students, with parents and other adult chaperones, will now be able to travel to Cuba on one of our organized tours.
Therefore, commencing this summer, the Institute will offer these tours to all interested High Schools in the Tri-State region of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.


Please contact Carmen Torres-Izquierdo at 973-273-0273, if your high school would like to explore this unique opportunity to legally visit Cuba.

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