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Dynamic Workshops Available for Presentation at the Parent Education Conferences

School personnel may select from this Workshop Menu the four or six workshops most relevant to parent needs in their respective schools, to be presented at their individual conference. The workshops are presented by experienced experts on each area. Themes not listed in the menu, could be developed and tailor-made for each particular audience. The menu includes the following workshops:

  • How parents may contribute in preventing School Violence-The workshops examines the causes of situational conditions which foster school violence, and examines techniques on how to ameliorate same. The presenter discusses different experiences and scenarios which help parents understand how to work with their children in avoiding school violence.


  • Social media: texting, sexting, bullying and other issues- Parents need to be aware about the pitfalls and dangers of social media and how the unsupervised utilization of smart phones could bring legal consequences for them and their children. Presenter show social media sites which may help parents in navigating this very difficult area of parenting.


  • The Science behind Resilience and Educational Achievement-Mindfulness is a science-based and evidence driven practice to focus attention, manage emotions, handle stress and resolve conflict. It has been documented that many hours of instructional time are lost due to disruptive behavior and discipline issues. Discover how to bring the benefits of mindfulness to your life, your family, and to the classroom.


La Ciencia que Apoya el Sentido de Confianza y los Logros Académicos-Mindfulness basics In Spanish


  • Managing Daily Stress: Parent Session- A prominent school psychologist discusses the roots of stress, how stress impedes the brain from functioning at optimum capacity, and how stress affects us physically. The workshop also discusses effective coping mechanism, and on-the-spot techniques to sooth/calm the individual. The objective is to leave the session with new/renewed positive energy.


  • Managing Daily Stress: Teachers & School Personnel Session-This is a modified version of the workshop with more intensive techniques to tackle stress. May be requested as a professional development session.


  • “Manejando el Estrés de los Padres-In Spanish-En este taller se identificaran las circumstancias que nos afectan como padres. Es una oportunidad para poder entender como el estrés impide nuestra capacidad para funcionar efectivamente. Muchas veces no hay tiempo para descansar y siempre estamos agotados. Se discutiran las causas del estrés y se le dará estrategias para bajarlo. La experiencia fortalezerá la energía positiva que queremos mantener.


  • College Financial Aid: Basic Information Parents: SAT, FAFSA, HESAA-Expert presenter discusses the basic information parents must know in working with their pre-college children to ensure financial aid for college careers. This is a primer for New Jersey parents who are navigating college applications with their sons and daughters.


  • Tools for helping your Children with Math-An expert math coach introduces techniques parents may use to aid their young children with basic math. Exercises are constructed using basic arts and crafts tools. At the end of the session, parent are equipped with an effective portfolio of tools and techniques which they can take home with them.
  • Como Ayudar a tus Hijos con la Matemática-Helping your Children with Math-In Spanish


  • Financial IQ for parents: Preparing for college as a Financial Challenge- Are you financially ready for your children trek to college/university? This workshop explores the basic financial challenges of a college education. The presenter discussed all the costs—including the hidden ones—and assist parents in developing a college financing plan. A discussion about types of scholarships, and loans follows.


  • What is STEM, and What You Need to Know about It- Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are the disciplines of the future. Parents should understand the evolution of technology and which types of jobs will be available to their children in a few years. Presenter will discuss the various career paths from high school to college and beyond.


  • How to Identify Potential Special Needs in Your Children- This workshop is designed to assists parents in identifying potential needs in their children, especially in preschool children. The presenter discusses the role of the school districts, and parental rights and responsibilities. Presenter also discusses community and institutional resources available for parents.


Como Identificar si su Niño Pudiera Tener Necesidades Especiales- Special Needs-In Spanish


  • Safe at School: Know your Childs’ Rights- This Safe at School Workshop is designed to inform parents of children living with diabetes of what is considered effective school-based diabetes management. SAS ensures all children with diabetes have a plan in place to keep them healthy at school. This workshop will help all parents know the rights of their children in a school setting.


  • Taking Care of Your Health Care Needs-This workshop explores the issues surrounding effective and efficient health care insurance for families. How is the ACA (Obamacare) being implemented in New Jersey? Is your employer paying for your health insurance? What are the risks if you/your family are not covered with insurance? What are the health care government programs who assist low and moderate income families? The workshop ends with a list of available resources for families.


  • Helping children improve their study habits-What can parents do to aid their children become better students? What are the tools or techniques parents may use at home? Do your children have space at home to study? Do you monitor their homework? Workshop presenter will provide suggestions encompassing new ideas and old concepts.


  • Communication skills at home-Smart phones have replaced the old technologies of TV’s and radios. Children and adults are immersed in their own virtual worlds, and there is no real communication. What can parents do to break this behavior? How can communications be improved when the family is together? The workshop examines these issues and provides suggestions on how to communicate effectively, creating a positive atmosphere at home.


  • Improving self-esteem to enhance your educational self-improvement-Your children are not the only ones who should think about college and improving their study and working habits. Parents should also meditate about their own self-improvement and possibility of going back to college, or attending college on a part-time basis, taking advantage of online courses at an accredited college or university. Parents who have recently moved to America should consider validating their credentials, as many of them have professional degrees from institutions at their home countries. Educational self-improvement must been a family affair.


  • Immigration Rights-An expert immigration lawyer covers the most salient and challenging issues of the current immigration laws. By means of briefly discussing sample case studies, the presenter reviews matters pertaining to government enforcement issues, ICE, and immigrants’ rights. A questions and answer session is followed by a summary.

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